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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 12.06.2019 | Employment

Instructor Highlight – Jeff Carver

I have had the pleasure of working with nearly one hundred different surf instructors over my time with WB Surf Camp. One of our all-time favorite instructors is none other than Jeff Carver. Jeff has been with us since 2016 and anyone who has participated in any of our residential teen programs or adult travel programs since then, will know who he is. Jeff is the definition of passion; ask any one of the hundreds of participants he has introduced to surfing.  This is the primary attribute we look for in our instructors. We can teach almost anyone how to surf and how to teach surfing, but knowledge and passion are the key to the best instructors. Jeff’s personal mission aligns exactly with our own: “to cultivate a love and respect for the ocean by building confidence, developing character and inspiring stoke through safety, fun and learning.”

Jeff is a North Carolina native and truly lives and breathes surfing.  He utilizes his experience and a degree in meteorology (Jacksonville University in Florida) to know exactly where to be. The only thing that could potentially keep Jeff from paddling out is a Tar Heel game, and even then he will be surfing before and after.

We are stoked to have Jeff back coaching at our Adult Travel programs and our Advanced Teen Costa Rica trip for the 2020 season.