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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 12.01.2020 | Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the time of year to give thanks. This year has been tough for everyone and in those tough times, it can be difficult to remember to be thankful for what you have in your life. Here at WB Surf Camp, like all other camps in the country and like many other small businesses, we were faced with a lot of new challenges. Some camps were not able to run at all this summer. Others have closed their doors forever. We are thankful that the very nature of surfing (one person on a board, distanced at least 9ft for safety, and being outside in the ocean) allowed us to once again share our passion and bring joy to our participants, even in these unprecedented times. We are thankful that one of the safest places you can be during all of this, is outside.

As always, we are eternally thankful for our participants. You are the reason we are here and your support this year has made everything worth it. Thank you for once again trusting us with your safety. Thank you for everything.

We are also extremely thankful to our staff. We had first year counselors and returning counselors alike. A summer working at WB Surf Camp is always demanding, keeping everyone safe and ensuring participants are having the best possible experience, but this year took the cake. Because of your hard work, going above and beyond with our pandemic safety measures and putting participants’ safety first, we didn’t have a single scare this summer with our campers.

Even through all of this, we have been blessed this year. Thank you to our amazing participants and our amazing staff for making this year possible. Stay safe and healthy this holiday season. The water is still warm, and the waves are still coming in. Hopefully, we will see you in the lineup over this break!