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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 11.21.2023 | Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving from WB Surf Camp!

We hope all our friends, campers, and families are able to take some time to relax, visit, eat, and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday this week.  We want to take a moment to reflect and recognize the things that we as a company are grateful for this year!

We’re thankful for campers like these who show up and charge with us all summer!

  1. Our Campers – From the Guppies to the Teens to the Adult Participants, we are grateful for all of the participants in our camps, lessons, and retreats. We are lucky to be able to share the stoke with individuals from all over the world, and without our campers we would not be able to do the work that we love every year.  Thank you to all our campers and their families!
  2. Our Summer Staff – Every year we work to hire and train the best team of instructors and counselors in the camp industry. Every year those instructors and counselors share their knowledge, their stoke, and their summers with the campers and their fellow staff to change the lives of so many young surfers and ocean lovers.  We are grateful for these individuals and their dedication to our mission of cultivating love and respect for the ocean.
  3. Our Partners – We work alongside other incredible businesses, both locally and internationally, to provide the best possible experiences for all our participants. The Salt & Light Retreat Center in North Topsail, Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital in Surf City, Playa Grande Surf Camp in Costa Rica, and Enterprise in Wilmington are just a few of the businesses that contribute to the success of our camps year after year.  There are too many more to name, but we are grateful to every company that we partner with or do business with each year.
  4. Our Full-Time Staff – The people who work behind the curtain, we can’t run the show each summer without them! While you may not see them in the field, our directors, coordinators, bookkeepers, and owners work together all year long to organize, improve, and sell our camp programs, lessons, and retreats.  Each summer season they sacrifice a good portion of their spare time to put in any extra efforts necessary to ensure you or your camper can enjoy their time surfing with us.  They do their jobs because they believe in the company mission and want to do all they can to share their passion for surfing and ocean conservation, and we cannot thank them enough for that commitment!

    We’re also thankful to have such a stellar seasonal staff!

  5. The Ocean – Okay, this might be a little corny, but we absolutely must give thanks to the ocean where we spend so much of our time during camp. As it was said before, our staff work because they are passionate about enjoying and protecting the ocean, and without it we would not be able to have a paycheck that comes as a direct result of our love and respect for the sea.  We are fortunate to have access to well-kept beaches, and to have warm water for our camps and lessons locally for nearly half the year.  We are thankful for all of this, and committed to protecting and teaching others to protect the thing that makes all of this happen!

There is plenty more we can list, but these would be the top five things that we at WB Surf Camp recognize make every summer possible.  Once again we hope that all of our campers and participants have an amazing long weekend, and that we get to share our passion with you all again next summer!