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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 12.08.2017 | Surf News, WB Surf Camp News

What To Get That Surfer On Your Christmas List

Need a little help this Christmas season finding the perfect gift for a surfer? We have used our extensive knowledge and experience from over 17 years in the surf industry to put together a surfing gift guide, providing you with unique items that will make your surfer stoked for great waves and prepared for the coming season.

Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Quiksilver Addictiv 2.0 Tide Watch

Surfers live by the tides. This is watch is a favorite among all of our instructors. It has 15 years of pre-programmed tide data for 200 spots around the world!

Shop Here: Quiksilver Watches






2. Roxy Pop Surf Chest Zip Wetsuit

Surfing only during the summer when the waters are warm can drastically limit your surfing progression. These wetsuits are perfect for the girl surfers in your life, however they aren’t your typical wetsuit. Treat them to colorful, high quality, and great for surfing in all but the coldest of waters.

Shop Here: Roxy Wetsuits







3. RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower

Being able to take a warm rinse is the perfect way to end a cold surf session (and minimize sand in your car). With no pumping & no batteries, this one-of-a-kind kit delivers a pressurized spray of cold or warm water for up to 3 minutes, also holding up to 2 gallons!

Shop Here: Rinsekit






We love Sun Bum here at WB Surf Camp! Effective sun protection is extremely important with how many hours we spend in the water during the summers. We have tested many different brands of sunscreen over the years and all of our programs use Sun Bum products.

Shop Here: TrustTheBum



5. Pickle Wax Remover

We strive to find gear that is not only effective but environmentally friendly. Few things are more effective in removing surf wax from your stick than The Pickle. The Pickle is also made of 100% recycled ingredients & is chemical free.

Shop Here: Pickle Wax Remover




6. DRY CASE – Get Your Tech Wet

Sometimes the best waves come with not so great weather. These dry cases are extremely durable, keep your gear dry, and with the backpack style, free up your hands. We highly recommend them for any all-weather surfer.

Shop Here: Dry Case