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Posted by Rick Civelli | 12.11.2013 | WB Surf Camp News

Five Reasons To NOT Start Surfing

1: You’ll notice a change in behavior and routine

Funny thing about being a surfer – you plan your day around the tides. Checking the charts and cams are going to be a new addition to your morning cup of joe. Everything in your day will become dependent on what the forecast is for that day; it is all about how the waves are looking and if there is a predicted offshore wind. Others will notice this change of behavior. You’ll have a new way about you; sort of a confidence boost mixed with a relaxed swagger. Not ready for change? Then we wouldn’t recommend surfing.

2:  Your gym membership will hardly get used


If you look at anyone who surfs regularly, you’ll notice the amazing shape they’re in. Surfing is a full on, complete body work-out! It requires you to use every inch of your body- down to the core. After a long day out in the water, you can bet that you’ll be feeling it the next day. So, if you thoroughly enjoy pumping iron in the mirror, then surfing isn’t for you.

3: You are going to spend more money on travel expenses

Not interested in dropping a few to travel to some on the best breaks in the world? Surfing probably isn’t for you… Once hooked on this board sport, you’ll be itching to explore different breaks, see the exotic locations, and become totally immersed in the culture surrounding it. In the back of your mind, you will constantly be dreaming about a secret spot waiting to be discovered. So if you’re O.K. with just having a few stamps on that passport of yours… we wouldn’t recommend you starting to surf.

4:You’ll become non-committal when it comes to meetings

012B6039Really good about being on time? Love being the first person to arrive? Never play hooky? Then don’t start surfing. That surfer mentality makes it hard to commit to meetings and plans. Like we said, your day will be planned around the tides! Make sure to check in with your boss before calling in sick- you never know who may be paddling out that day.

5: Your life will be changed forever.

012B0246As they always say: “Once you know, you know.” The love and respect that you will gain for the ocean and its’ environment is unsurpassed. There’s no turning back; you will act differently, think differently, and talk differently once catching the surfing fever. It is something beyond an adrenaline rush- It’s a clear mind, a happy soul, and a new perspective on life. Not ready for a serious relationship? You definitely shouldn’t start surfing.

If you do decide to start surfing, your life will be changed forever… don’t say we didn’t warn you!