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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.12.2009 | WB Surf Camp News

Feels like summer…..

I came in the office today in short sleeves and capris……..can you guess what the temperature is going to be? 75 degrees with sunny skies and not a cloud in the sky!!! If this doesn’t get me feeling like summer, I don’t know what will. By mid-May, our water temps are at 70 degrees, and by early June, we’re close to 80 degrees already.



Erica and I have been talking to so many parents and kids lately about Surf Camp and Guppy Camp that I think this beautiful weather has people realizing that summer is not that far away. As I look at our camp rosters, I see how quickly weeks are filling up. Is it any wonder……..we all need something to make us smile and remember how wonderful it is to be alive, and learning how to surf does just that. Surf Camp offers the opportunity to leave your troubles behind and become one with the ocean, which is exactly what surfing feels like. You are coming together with that wave; Mother Nature is giving you the chance to experience some of the wonder she has to offer. There is nothing like feeling that wave gliding beneath you……….you will be reminded of how blessed you truly are!