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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.05.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

Caribbean Family Surf Camp Wraps up!

I could not have scripted this week any better from a weather and surf forecasting standpoint. On our first day, after ground school, the waves were absolutely perfect for everyone to get  some waves under their belts. Robin was particularly stoked on the perfect conditions to start the week, knowing that she would get to watch her son Michael challenge himself as a bigger swell forecasted for the rest of the week began to roll in. As evidenced by the 1,400 pictures we took, Michael caught more waves than most people do in a lifetime. Robin and John were two extremely proud parents, watching their son grab a board, paddle out ,and catch more waves than any other surfer in the lineup. I watched him progress faster, in one week, than I could have ever imagined possible.

Surfing wasn’t the only highlight of the trip. Tuesday night I dropped the family off in Town for what I knew would be a special evening. In the two weeks since arriving here, I had read about a particular new restaurant’s award winning cuisine numerous times. It had also been recommended to me several other times by other locals and tourists. I checked out the menu prior to their arrival at the beginning of the week, and knew we needed to give it a shot. After the meal, Robin, John, and Michael raved about their evening all the way home. From the tempura asparagus to the potato wrapped grouper combined with the cozy atmosphere, this place was better than any restaurant they had been to in New York or Charlotte.

Wednesday evening was another exciting night of entertainment.  Whenever a dining experience begins with a boat ride to a private island, you know you are in for a memorable meal.  I raved about it all week long and thankfully it stood up to its reputation.  When Michael (16) called and asked if they could stay another hour to enjoy the live entertainment, I was stoked because I knew they were having a blast.

We woke up on our last day to the sound of a massive swell, which made for an amazing site from our villa.  We couldn’t have asked for better timing.  With everyone, except Michael (a tad surfed out) it was our time to tour the island, pick up some last minute Christmas Gifts, and enjoy another awesome sunset from a restaurant on the west end of the island.

It was hard to believe that this fantastic Caribbean Family Surf Camp was coming to an end.  All the amazing lunches in the sand, hundreds of waves ridden, and a thousand smiles later, John, Robin, and Michael finally said their goodbyes to paradise.  Something tells me they will be back!  As a family who has travelled together all over the world, it made my trip to hear them talk about how the beaches here in the Caribbean, and the one we surfed each day in particular, were the most gorgeous and least crowded they had ever visited. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m sticking around for a couple more weeks. Paradise found!