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Posted by Blake Pittman | 04.18.2023 | Teen Camps

Experience the West Coast’s Iconic Surf Culture

Experience the West Coast’s Iconic surf culture with Our Overnight California Teen Surf Camp

Surf camps are amazing ways to level up your surfing, forge lifelong friendships, and go on an incredible adventure. And all the better if the trip takes you to legendary California surf spots. Far from the crowded line-ups of Southern California, the Central Coast of California welcomes with wide-open point breaks, beach breaks, and river-mouth swells along a majestic Pacific coast. And your camper can experience it all on a two-week-long trip with other teens.

During the day, campers get top-notch instruction from our experienced surf coaches across over 30+ hours of surf time. Follow a morning of invigorating surfing with a relaxing soak in natural hot springs. And in the evening, bunk in cabins with stunning views of nature.

Unique Nature Experiences on Land and Sea

But it’s about much more than surfing!

Campers will paddle off on a kayak excursion through the sprawling Moro Bay Estuary. The diverse ecosystem is home to sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, and hundreds of bird species. At the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, they’ll discover kelp forests, explore a deep-sea canyon, and stand in awe before the towering viewing window of a million-gallon tank as barracudas and sunfish pass by. And of course, we can’t forget to check out the sea otters!

Trekking through inspiring redwood forests; California’s Central Coast is home to some of the world’s tallest trees, many soaring up to 350 feet and beyond, shading canyons, creeks, and nature trails that offer an immersive experience like no other.

Cruise Down the California Coast

The town of Santa Cruz is steeped in surf history. It’s where the sport gained popularity in the 1930s, where resident Jack O’Neill perfected his namesake wetsuits, and where famed surfers have taken on famous breaks for nearly a century. There, your teen can let loose at one of America’s most famous seaside parks: the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. You may recognize the spot from movies, including The Lost Boys, Us, and the surfing flick Chasing Mavericks.

Ready to hit the road? A drive down the scenic coast to Santa Barbara takes your camper to the Channel Islands Surf Shop, which has been outfitting world-class surfers for decades.

Is your teen up for two weeks filled with summer cookouts, tidepool explorations, beachside bike rides, nature treks, and, of course, surfing and more surfing? Then WB Surf Camp’s Overnight California Teen Surf Camp may be the perfect choice!