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Posted by Rick Civelli | 09.02.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Do I have to go back to the office..?

Throughout the entire summer, I was told “Well you work in the office, I know you can’t rip.” Well little did everyone know that I’ve had some experience in the water but, hey “let’s keep them guessing.” One of the perks of my job is the ability to take surfing lessons and camps. We definately work hard and play hard here.  It is actually in my job description, “When the surf is good, I am expected to be in the water”! (with the exception of busy season when I am taking care of all of your reservations:)

One Thursday afternoon, I was at my desk enjoying another afternoon in the office when it was brought to my attention that I would be a participant in our Adult Wrightsville Beach Surf Camp. I was stoked! Great waves, good food, great people..and a week outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I said “sign me up!”

Our first day of camp consisted of a full day surf “sesh” at Topsail Island. The waves were perfect and everyone in my group was stoked to get into the water. As Brian gave his talk regarding “pop-ups,” which we did everyday.. multiple times, I was ready to paddle out and catch some waves. Little did I know what I was in for.. an adventure of a lifetime. As Doug and Brian were setting me up for my first wave of the day, they told me to paddle…paddle hard..ok two more strokes..”pop-up” .. oops.. NOSE DIVE!

They still say, oh, you should have put more weight on the back of the board. Yeah, right! I still think they enjoyed seeing me flounder. Once the day was over, it was time to head to dinner. Everyone had such a feeling of accomplishment after our first day, and it continued to grow throughout the week as everyone was paddling into their own waves.

Not only did I get to surf and enjoy the beautiful weather, I also learned more about our coastal environment. On Monday, we went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher for a behind the scenes tour. Everything was so beautiful! My favorite part was seeing the baby alligators and standing on the ramp that overlooks their largest tank. Everyone that works at the aquarium has a vital role in the conservation of our area marine life.

On Tuesday, we were able to take another behind the scenes tour at the Sean O’Donnell Surfboard Factory. I never knew how many hours went into producing a surfboard. From the shape of the board to the graphics, it is definately a tedious process. Those guys do it right there! If you want a one of a kind, quality surfboard, you need to visit Sean.

My week of Surf Camp flew by way too fast. I made friends for a lifetime and had some of the greatest rides of my life! You can definately say that this is when I got “hooked” on the sport. The feeling of adrenaline that you get from paddling into your first wave and riding it all the way into shore, is an indescribable feeling that I know I want again… and again!

A big thanks to an amazing staff for making my experience; one that I will never forget! See you in 2009!

– Tracy