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Posted by Rick Civelli | 06.03.2008 | Surfing Lessons, WB Surf Camp News

Diane Neal from Law & Order does Surf Camp!

Since I am a Law & Order fan, having Diane Neal call the office to schedule surfing lessons with Surf Camp was the coolest thing to happen to me all week!  I scheduled Diane and her husband, Marcus for a five day stretch of lessons with one of our highly-skilled instructors, Doug.  Diane and Marcus had never been to Wrightsville Beach before, but this was the perfect opportunity because they received an Oscar swag bag containing a Gift Surftificate for a week of private lessons.  They were so eager to learn, and using Surf Camp’s proven methodologies for “Learning the Right Way,” they were both up and riding in no time.  Unfortunately, Diane broke a few toes walking on the beach after just two days of lessons, but that didn’t stop her.  She took a couple days off, and was then right back out there.  They had a perfect week weather-wise, which is not uncommon here in Wrightsville Beach.  Perfect spring temperatures in the mid-70s,  sunny, cloudless skies, and smooth, glassy waves.  What more could you ask for?

I went down to introduce myself to Diane and Marcus and to take a few pictures.  Such nice, easygoing people who are as relaxed as they get.  I felt like I could have talked to Diane for hours about running (we both enjoy a good run!), surfing, and just life in general!  By the end of the week, they decided to extend their stay through the weekend because they were enjoying themselves so much.  They both definitely felt the stoke that beginner surfers feel once they catch their own wave.  I foresee future surfing adventures for both Diane and Marcus.  What they would REALLY love is to go on one of our adult travel surf adventures.  Costa Rica, Tortola, Bahamas…………these are the perfect locations to hone and improve your skills, or to catch the very first wave of your life! 


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