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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.01.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Day 7, Costa Rica Surf Camp

To make the most of our last full day in Costa Rica, our plan was to surf a beautiful horseshoe cove called La Finka.  At daybreak, we loaded both the vans up for the scenic ride south past Avellanas and Little Hawaii to this secret spot.  When we pulled up to this pristine black sand beach lined with palm trees, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.  Not only was the scenery gorgeous, but the surf was epic.  NO WAY, WERE WE REALLY THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THIS WHOLE BEACH? ???

The clients really stepped up to the plate today.  With the surf in the three to five foot range, Rick, Jenn and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to help the clients paddle into some  stomach to shoulder high rights and lefts.

Two moments from today really stick out in my mind, 1) Seeing Moe drop into an overhead bomb, with the whole beach cheering him on (keep in mind, we were the only ones on the beach) and 2)  Eileen cruising down the line on a head high left on her Hobie.

When we finally couldn’t possibly paddle any more our local guides told us about an excellent restaurant in Marbella, that happened to be on our way home.  We sat around large tables, reminiscing over the waves we each caught that morning and enjoying the local cuisine the restaurant had to offer.

With our final surf session wrapped up, it was time for graduation and the awards ceremony.  Along with great food, cold drinks and good company, diplomas were handed out, jokes were told and fun was had by all.  We ended the night with a slide show of pictures from the whole week.  Another great day in Costa Rica to round out an amazing week.  As a surfer who has done a good amount of traveling, I can honestly say that the conditions and waves could not have been any more ideal for everyone.  I am now counting the days untill Tortola!

– Doug