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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.31.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Day 6, Costa Rica Surf Camp

After surfing Avellanas earlier in the week, I was excited to take the whole group back there for a full day of lessons, surfing and fun at our Costa Rica Surf Camp.  We couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  The long period swell was well-groomed, in the waist-stomach high range and reeling both left and right.  Rick, Jenn, and I were busy coaching many of the clients into more waves then they knew what to do with.  As an instructor, it was a perfect day… crystal clear warm water, perfect waves, fun clients and beautiful scenery.  When everyone was good and worn out, we strolled up the beach to a really cool restuarant and bar that had amazing smoothies. and a huge pig named LOLA:)

In the afternoon, Louis, Kari, Paula, Moe, and John went horseback riding, while several other clients including myself took salsa lessons.  I had an absolute blast and really felt like I might have gotten the hang of it… maybe my partner, Kathy, will disagree. Haha.

Steve found a restaurant that he was really excited for us to try that was on the top floor of a building overlooking the whole town and the bay.  I thought their menu was really unique for Costa Rica because it had a Spanish, Lebanese and Italian food.– GOOD CHOICE STEVE!