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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.26.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Day 1, Costa Rica Surf Camp

Doug and I were fortunate enough to be invited to hop on a boat early this morning for a short but awesome dawn patrol session at Playa Grande.  The waves were super fun, about chest to head high and groomed with offshore winds.  Upon returning to the surf camp, we enjoyed yet another delicious breakfast while reviewing everyone’s arrival info and room assignments.  While awaiting our clients arrival, we checked surf forecasts, discussed tides and wind directions and confirmed our schedule for the week to maximize water time and wave quality.

Everyone arrived on time and settled into their rooms, the beginners were assigned their instructors for the day and headed off to their first of many surf sessions right in front of the hotel.  It didnt take the intermediate surfers long to grab a board from the tremendous selection and catch up with the other clients in the water.

Wow!!!! Only two hours off the plane and already our clients were surfing perfect waist to stomach high waves in eighty degree water in picturesque Tamarindo Bay.

After watching our first amazing sunset in Costa Rica, we asked the clients to meet us on our veranda for a cold drink, orientation and meet and greet.  After new and old friends alike exchanged hugs and greetings, we gave a little background about ourselves and expressed our excitement for the week to come.

We returned back downstairs for a quick dinner and then called it a night in anticipation of the surf-filled day on tap for tommorow!