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Posted by Rick Civelli | 11.10.2008 | WB Surf Camp News

American Red Cross Instructor Training Course

A part of me has always wanted to be a teacher, and now I can officially say I am one! Last week, I spent three days at the Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross becoming certified to TEACH important safety courses.   I learned about how to teach these extremely important skills through a variety of methods. Each of us in the class was there for different reasons, and I really enjoyed getting to know my fellow students. I was there because I wanted to learn how to teach others how to do CPR, use an AED, and give First Aid because these are safety classes we offer. At Surf Camp, it is our feeling that everyone should know what to do in case of an emergency, so in addition to holding these classes for our staff, we encourage the general public to enroll as well.


Now, I know you might think that these classes are just a big bore. Not the case at all! I had the privilege of learning one of their best instructors but he really made sure that he was instilling the knowledge in us about how to do these skills correctly. We had some great laughs in the process. You really get to know someone pretty well when you’re giving them pretend stomach thrusts and back blows!  Another awesome instructor, Clifton Perkins, who has been an American Red Cross Instructor for Surf Camp for a number of years, does a mighty fine job of keeping the class interested through personal accounts of saving lives, humor, and good ole’ fashioned Clifton-style jokes!

At the end of the day, I feel proud that I know what to do if someone is in a life-threatening situation and needs help. Thousands of people have been saved by lay responders, and the more people who learn these crucial skills, the more people we can help in times of need. Could you save your love one.  If not call me 910.256.7873.