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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.22.2011 | Adult Surf Camps

Room with a View! Costa Rica 2011 Kicks Off…

Our first official WB Surf Camp Adventure of the year 2011! Our 10th Anniversary year of being in business! What a way to start it off. Costa Rica Adult Surf Adventure begins today. Our president and founder, Rick Civelli has stepped up this year’s program in ways word cannot explain. Even in my imagination, I couldn’t comprehend how amazing this year’s Costa Rica Surf Camp would be without seeing it for myself. The Tamarindo Diria Resort is probably the nicest accommodations I’ve ever stepped foot in, and what a welcomed treat after leaving the cold of a North American winter.

After a couple quick smooth flights we arrived Friday afternoon and swam out in the lineup to rinse off the grime of traveling. Since then we’ve stocked up on goods at the local tienda, eaten massive amounts of fresh sushi, and pounded a gallon of sweet Costa Rican coffee. We woke up this morning to a fresh 8′ long period swell pulsing in through the outgoing tide and we are frothing. Time for preparations for our inbound clients…more to come!