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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.27.2014 | Adult Surf Camps, Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica Surf Camps : Session I


Week one of our Luxury Adult Costa Rica Surf Camp kicked off with blue skies, perfect waves, and warm temperatures.  As our group walked off the plane, the feeling of warmth brought a smile to their faces, knowing that their winter coats would not be needed for this week in paradise.  After checking in at the luxurious, ocean front Hotel Diria, everyone had a chance to relax and unwind before meeting for our sunset orientation.  We discussed the action packed week to come while enjoying fresh Costa Rican cuisine, accompanied by a magnificent fire dancing performance.  Soon after, we were off to bed to rest up for our first day of surfing!


Everyone’s goals for the week differed, ranging from improved comfort level in the water, to catching their own waves and getting barreled.  During our ground school in the beautiful Hotel Diria pool, we covered multiple safety aspects , including currents, technique, and wave riding skills. We followed up with our first surf session at the Tamarindo River Mouth, where everyone stood up and got their fair share of waves.

An alarm clock is unnecessary in Costa Rica due to the sounds of abundant wildlife and early sunrise.  We started our second day with a trip to la Finca – also known as the local farm.  Everyone was amazed by how much life existed on the property.  Before we even arrived we hit two unexpected road blocks, but instead of police it was a herd of grazing cows, followed by a herd of goats!  We exercised our cow milking hands and quickly found out the locals had a better grasp on their technique.  From pigs, to goats, to chickens, dogs, and cats, the farm was pulsing with life.  We rounded out the morning with an ox cart ride through the Guanacaste tree forest , where howler monkeys swung from the tree tops, making their presence known.

sunsetAfter two days of surfing under our belts and a dawn patrol session, a massage was in order for our group.  Lying in the lush, ocean front garden with the sound of waves crashing, our bodies were soon rejuvenated.   After our evening session at Playa Grande we enjoyed the fresh catch and raised our glasses to another glorious  day in paradise.

The next morning the tides allowed us to get another dawn patrol session, where we experienced an increase in the swell, providing an exhilarating challenge for everyone.  After breakfast we loaded up for our canopy tour.  While soaring through the tree tops with beautiful views of the ocean on the horizon, we were encouraged by the entertaining local guides.  With eleven different zip lining platforms, we experienced a broad view of the Guanacaste mountain range.DSCF1887

Before we knew it, our last day was upon us.  As we enjoyed our last meal together we reviewed photos from the week, embracing the wipeouts, the best waves of sessions, and celebrating the progression of everyone’s surfing.  The bittersweet reality that our trip was coming to a close settled in as we said our goodbyes, knowing that we would surf together again in the future!


Pura Vida!