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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.04.2008 | WB Surf Camp News

Chelsea's back from China!

Wow, is it great to be back in Wilmington!  I had a great visit to Dalian, China to visit my Dad, but I did miss the azure blue skies and warm, springtime weather of the North Carolina coast!  I am finally getting caught up on emails and other things that tend to build up while you are away, but my fellow coworkers here at Surf Camp did a great job of keeping things rolling smoothly while I was gone.  While Rick is already in Tortola, Jenn and Doug are getting ready to head out on Thursday to run two weeks of our Adult Caribbean Surf Camp.  Although I have no desire to be on a plane for a long time after the 23 hour trip home from China, I am a bit envious that they will be surfing clean, clear, beautiful waves in a tropical paradise.  Who wouldn’t want that???  I will be busy here in the office, though, continuing to register kids, teens, and adults for our summer camps.  I was so excited to see that our Kids Summer Camp registrations have taken off so well while I was gone.  We will be keeping very busy this summer with all the fun activities we have planned for the Guppies, and of course, all of our new and returning Surf Campers!  We are stoked for our summer camps to get here!