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Posted by Blake Pittman | 02.22.2023 | Surf News

Check Out Our Story with Gabby Reece on Talent Insider- Over 11 Million Views!

Out of millions of companies in America, we are thrilled that we were selected as the small business to be featured on Talent Insider.

Our experience with the hiring platform Indeed was highlighted by athlete, author, and entrepreneur Gabrielle Reece in a three-part video series for Talent Insider. Their series “The Hiring Journey,” hosted by Reece, is designed to offer insights to businesses and entrepreneurs into these companies’ missions and hiring processes. The first stop on that journey: WB Surf Camp.

To hear our story, Reece and the Talent Insider crew took a trip to see us in Wrightsville Beach. There, we recounted our experience using Indeed and the “why” behind hiring to align with our mission. “We have been purpose driven as a company from day one. Our complete why is taking care of kids and teenagers and connecting them to the ocean, building their confidence, and bridging the gap with their
own anxieties in life.”

The features have now been watched more than 11 million times! It has been very exciting to have so many people from all over the world hearing our story, and learning about all the exciting things happening!

Our programs are filling up quicker than ever because of this. If you are looking to join us this summer check out our 2023 schedule here.

Click to view the videos!