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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.13.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Camper Journal: Costa Rica, Part II

I am so sore! But in a good way! After three days of surf sessions a real appreciation has developed among the group for the discipline and exhilaration of the sport. Not only did I catch a wave on my own the first day, but the entire group has now stood up and ridden their own waves as well! I imagine that the first couple of waves you catch on a surfboard is a lot like being born: you’re a little scared and a little confused, but you inherently know that this energy is a good thing and that you could never turn back from this new element you’d now embraced.

The group as a whole has really begun to loosen up and started bonding through our days in the surf. We’ve come to understand that, like each wave, all of us bring something different to the table and, as a result, we’ve kept each other laughing and on our toes in and out of the tide. Afternoons are spent breaking down our strengths and weaknesses by analyzing pictures of us surfing with some relaxation time interspersed throughout. During the evenings Steve and Jason facilitate phenomenal surfing seminars to help us understand the ocean we have come to love and we eat dinner together while sharing jokes and stories. After that we’re on our own to do as we like and usually end up doing something all together, like running around bulls in a ring at a rodeo in Santa Cruz or karaoke with locals (which is tonight!).


Our instructors have been unbelievable at coordinating all of our activities and needs. Whether it’s planning dinner reservations, taking us to the best surf locations, or running clients out to get a new pair of glasses on a moment’s notice, they have been absolutely on top of things. Furthermore, they have been completely professional as they have treated everyone with respect and unending patience. Like every other WB Surf instructor they have been nothing but positive, fun, and accommodating in every way.


As you can see, this trip is turning out to be about way more than surfing. And even though we do all sorts of other activities on top of it, it comes down to the simple fact that all of us are growing as people. Nobody cares how well anyone can surf and will always cheer everyone on with whatever is going on. I didn’t know what I was stepping into when I first started on this trip, but it’s something that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I can’t wait to see what the last few days have in store for us!