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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.08.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

Beyond Expectations

‘Beyond Expectations’ is a phrase often used when people describe their experiences with WB Surf Camp. Seeing as though I work for this amazing company, and I hear that phrase so many times form our clients, I assumed I knew what to expect. Even as I write this on my plane ride home, I feel my eyes tearing up and while I’d love to blame this rare emotional occurrence on lack of sleep, it is quite simply: sadness; from the end of my Costa Rican adventure.


I’ll first start with the surfing. It blew my mind how Jason and Cairo could see all the little (and big) things I was doing wrong and while I am incredibly hard on myself they were able to seemingly magically keep my attitude positive. I would have loved a couple more days of professional surf instruction; however, I am looking forward to using the tools that I have been given, for continual progression on my own.

When we weren’t conquering the ocean we were exploring the identity of the area…from zip-lining and riding horses to watching local heroes sacrifice themselves at the clemency of a bull. It was quite amusing to watch the men of this trip jump into the ring to test their bravery, and then once the bull approached, jump back out or scurry up the fence.



From working in our office I know first hand just how much training goes into our awesome instructors. It was simply amazing to see just how familiar with everywhere in Costa Rica they were!.  I cannot possibly describe how knowledgeable they were when it came to surfing and the Costa Rican culture. I am in awe of how our company executes our adventures and provides truly life changing experiences for our clients.

WB Surf camp has always been about more than great surf instruction and I am so blessed I was given the opportunity to experience it first-hand and not only create EPIC memories, but friendships as well.

Alysia Tacinelli