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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.15.2022 | Employment

Surf Coaching….the Best Job Ever!


We believe that surfing connects us to ourselves, nature and our community. Are you a passionate surfer that would be stoked to share your love and knowledge of surfing with the next generation? Then becoming a surf coach could be the perfect job for you!

Considering becoming a surf instructor? Besides being at the beach and on the water here are some reasons why we think it is such a rewarding experience!

  • Making a difference. It’s a reward most teachers share no matter what they teach, and why many do the job in the first place — making a difference in young lives. Do you remember the sheer joy you felt when you caught your first wave? Feel how surfing has since become a very part of who you are? You can help others experience the same, passing on your love of surfing and all it offers to the next generation.
  • Spread Marine Conservation Awareness. As an instructor, your classroom is the ocean, and caring for that environment is a hands-on real-world experience. Making a positive impact on that precious ecosystem is a value we hold dear, as we hope you do, and that you have the desire to instill these positive values in others. With WBSC you’ll have the opportunity to share the importance of protecting the ocean.
  • Newfound confidence. Maybe you think you’ve got good surfing skills, but aren’t sure you’ve got what it takes to lead a class, or to take on the responsibility. Chances are, you’ll be pretty good at it, and stepping into a leading role where you can share your knowledge can be a serious confidence booster that you’ll carry forward into other areas of your life. We will teach you about surf instruction so you can handle the rest.
  • Health and well-being. As a surfer, you probably know the physical benefits of exercising in the water amid fresh ocean air, and the sense of well-being brought on by both the rush of endorphins and the ocean’s calming ability to aid in mindfulness. Not to mention the physical benefits our sport provides and the overall sense of well-being.
  • Forming friendships. You won’t be taking on this new role alone. Far from it. You will join a team of like-minded folks that feels like one big family. We foster an environment of friendship and community, and many of the connections you’ll make with your fellow surf instructors are bound to last a lifetime.
  • Plus perks. Beyond great pay, the gig comes with benefits that include free uniform kits with high-quality rashies, hats, Rainbow sandals, and more. Plus free oceanfront boarding and meals for overnight teams, plus discounts on gear from top brands in the industry and on orders at SurfBerry Cafe.


Can't wait to get out on the water?

I love working for WB Surf Camp because that’s where I’ve met some of my best friends. There is real community and friendship between staff here in and out of the water! I appreciate the independence of being able to teach private surf lessons on my own, while knowing the WB surf camp office is always there to support me!

Lauren Emmer