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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.11.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Back to Reality

It has now been a full week since our Costa Rica Surf Camp has ended and the first signs of my tan starting to fade are showing.  Getting back to reality last week was pretty tough.  I have taken so many surf trips in my life and the last 10 days I spent in Costa Rica were just incredible.  I guess that is what happens when you put together a great group of fun loving people and a 5′ – 6′ 218 degree SSW swell running at 14 seconds with consistent offshore winds for your entire stay.  It makes me wonder if some of our clients could even begin to appreciate what we just experienced.  The shear quality of surf that we had truly made it one of the top trips of my life. All of us who live-to-surf have at one point in our lives been really skunked on a surf trip.  I can remember one trip to Puerto Rico in the dead of winter and seeing it dead flat for a solid week.  Yes, that is the exception but it sure makes you appreciate when a trip really comes together.

I put off delaying the inevitable and today vacuumed out the sand from my luggage and put it away.  I only have three weeks until I leave for our Adult Caribbean Surf Camp but I’m sure it was getting old just sitting by the TV in our living room. At least the weather has been warm here in Wrightsville Beach, NC since my return but a cold front is moving in tonight and it will be cold in the morning.  I have not surfed since getting back as it has nothing worth getting wet for in comparison to the warm water perfection and 6 hours a day we were spending in the water.  I need to scrape the tropical wax off my Merrick and get some cold water wax back on and hope for a swell some time this week.I am going to try to put together some video clips of our trip.  We have some pretty funny footage of us zip lining and getting salsa dance lessons form our good friend, Raffa.  I am also going to make sure we get our pictures posted in the photo gallery so you can check out our trip.

Sitting here on a Sunday night, I am wondering when the new season of 24 will be returning.  Not that I am a huge TV fan but that show is the best on television and I am really missing it.  I am also looking forward to the new season of Entourage and my boy Vinny Chase and crew! Until then I will have to be content with my daily Tivo of Jim Cramer and my FUEL TV.