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Posted by Rick Civelli | 07.18.2013 | Teen Camps

Aloha Hawaii – Adventures Begin

It’s been a few days since the wheels touched down in Honolulu, and our adventure in tropical paradise is now in full swing. Our campers are doing great, and are truly embracing the aloha lifestyle.


The surfing, our primary focus, has been a lot of fun. We have had two days of surfing so far, and I have seen everyone pop up on their boards! Everyone has a great attitude. Some campers have had a few lessons, but this is Lynette’s first time on a board and she is doing fantastic.


Yesterday there were some great swell coming in near Waikiki. After a few hours in the water we had a chance to relax on the beach for a bit. Taylor dominated at volleyball while Amelia played in the surf.


One of the highlights has been the marine life. The campers love to watch a sea turtle swim lazily under them when they are on their boards. It’s fun to watch the campers out in the lineup with the turtle heads popping up around them.


Yesterday was our first day of snorkeling! We arrived at Hanauma Bay to a gorgeous sunny day. We were greeted by the educational staff who told us a little bit about this particular reef and what we might expect to see. After a quick snorkeling lesson all of the girls were eager to explore the reef. We saw tons of fish. Mulan’s favorite was anything with pink! Ashley was diving down, eager to get good pictures underwater.


In the afternoon we got our hands a little dirty by helping out the locals and the environment. At the Hawaii Nature Center we helped with the removal of an invasive vine that is particularly problematic as it chokes out all the plant life under it. We also collected the skeletons of bamboo leaves, which will be used for an outreach program. The Nature Center is a non-profit organization so volunteers like us make a huge difference. Right before we left, the girls got to make cute little dragonflies out of the materials they had collected.


Today, we’ll be doing more paddling, but we won’t be lying prone on the board. We’re about to embark on a morning stand Up paddle eco-tour of the coastline. Then, we’ll be off for more snorkeling around the North Shore. It should be an awesome day and everyone is looking forward to it!


Stay tuned for more adventures in the land of the luau.

– Aimy T.