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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.31.2014 | WB Surf Camp News

Adult Caribbean Surf Adventure: Session II

As week two of our Adult Caribbean Surf Adventure began, we were greeted with perfect waves, brilliant sunshine, and old friends.  Our group consisted of several returning clients and a few excited new faces as well.  We gathered together for our inaugural dinner on the ocean front grounds of the Lambert Hotel Restaurant.   As we dined on fresh local fare, we all knew from the laughter around the table and the sound of waves pulsing in to shore that it would be a great week ahead!


Our first full day started off with a beautiful breakfast spread of fruit, eggs, bacon, fresh bread, and of course coffee.  Fully energized, we headed down to the beautiful, uncrowded bay to surf the waist high waves the ocean was offering up to us.   Our new clients started out on the beach with Joanna, going over ocean safety and learning proper paddling and pop up techniques to ensure the safest, most fun experience possible!  Meanwhile, our veteran surfers headed out into the lineup with Steve to hone their skills and work on more advanced maneuvers.  As the day progressed, everyone was in the water marveling at the crystal clear beauty of the Caribbean waters and taking advantage of the perfect, waist high waves that were rolling in.  After an amazing lunch at Naomi’s, we all settled in on the beach for a nap before heading back out for an afternoon session.  With plenty of waves ridden, everyone was happily exhausted by the end of the day.

Lambert Vista

Dinners together are always a blast, and a favorite place for us in the Caribbean is a local restaurant called The Last Resort.  A short car ride to the dock, and then a five minute boat ride provided by our dinner host brought us to an open air restaurant on its own private island!  While we sipped cold drinks and perused the menu, our entertainment began.  Al  – a talented and engaging one man band – serenaded us with songs and kept us smiling with his witty and comedic crowd involvement.  Steve even joined him on stage for a few songs!  Soon the dancing began and we all gave in to the rhythms of the music and the smell of the sea air.  After a full night of great food and fun times, we headed back to our villas and fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

After several days of surfing the consistent, perfectly shaped waves of our bay, each client was taking great strides towards reaching their individual surfing goals.  During daily personalized video analysis, everyone was able to relive the elation of their successes and use their coaches’ expertise to improve their wave riding style and technique.  By week’s end, everyone was hooting and cheering for one another as wave after wave was ridden, and smiles spread from ear to ear.

Group MCUIt was a week that will never be forgotten, in one of the most special places in the world.  With new memories made and new friendships formed, another amazing trip came to a close for our Adult Caribbean Surf Adventure.


-Steve, Joanna, and Rick