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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.24.2014 | Adult Surf Camps, WB Surf Camp News

Adult Caribbean Surf Adventure: Session I

Week one of WB Surf Camp’s 2014 Adult Caribbean Surf Adventure was an experience full of beautiful waves, laughter, and new formed friendships.  On our first night at the Lambert Inn, we discussed the agenda for the week while gazing over translucent waters as a local five piece steel drum band welcomed us to paradise.  After an amazing meal at the open air hotel restaurant, we were off to bed to rest up for our first day of surfing, as the sound of waves lulled us to sleep.


Melissa and Taryn – both from New Jersey – were first time surfers and were excited to feel their first wave riding experience.  After a thorough ground school discussing ocean safety, wave dynamics, and proper technique we paddled out for our first session. With a fresh swell pulsing in, the ladies started in the white water and caught multiple rides while enjoying the exhilarating rush of the waves beneath them.  After a couple of hours in the water, they were feeling muscles they didn’t know they had, and were ready to refuel with an authentic Caribbean lunch from the famous Naomi.  In her mid-eighties, Naomi has mastered the art of cooking, and always greets you with a smile.


As the days went on, the swell remained the perfect size, allowing us to surf until our arms turned to jelly.  The great thing about surfing in the Caribbean is the minimal tidal change,which keeps conditions prime for a full day session.  Melissa and Taryn gained confidence and knowledge throughout every session, and were clearly progressing.

The Caribbean offers amazing visibility when it comes to water clarity, creating the perfect environment for stand up paddle boarding, aka SUP.  We ventured to the west end of the island where we launched our paddle boards for a sunset SUP excursion.  Having a bird’s eye view of the crystal clear waters allowed us to see straight to the bottom in over twenty feet of water!  When the sun went down, we headed to the mountain top, where we enjoyed fresh fish while listening to live local music.  We were inundated with the sights, smells and sounds of the Caribbean as we looked out across the beautiful bay.


To top off our final day of surfing, we were greeted with another fresh swell, with perfect size and offshore winds.  With their experience from the week, Melissa and Taryn paddled out confidence and were stoked on their newly gained skill set.  Before we knew it, the sun was setting as the bitter sweet recognition that the week was coming to a close hit us.  As we said our goodbyes the next day, we knew that this amazing week in paradise would never be forgotten.  Another incredible WB Surf Camp Adult Caribbean Surfing Adventure goes down in the books…stay tuned for week two!

-Steve and Joanna