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Posted by Rick Civelli | 07.21.2014 | Costa Rica Surf Camp


The young men and women of Session 1 of the Teen Costa Rica Surf Adventure Camp attempted, demonstrated and excelled at the process of adaptation in the recent weeks.

Campers met the challenges of adapting to a multitude of social, emotional and physical situations.  Some campers arrived with little to no surfing experience. Others were assigned to room with a stranger and yet others had not been away from home for an extended period  without contact from friends and familyDSC_7739

I witnessed each camper succeed in his/her own manner.  One in particular had little surfing experience and, within days, was excelling at choosing, paddling into and catching his own wave! Another had a specific skill-goal on which she wished to focus. With the assistance of the camp instructors she improved that skill and is a competent and confident surfer.  A third overcame a physical challenge and did not miss a beat while improving her surfing skills!

The social dynamics progressed day by day (we have been together 24 hours a day for 2 weeks!) and these campers quickly became as comfortable and relaxed with each other as if they had known each other for years!  In true teen fashion, the personalities of the joker, philosopher , contemplative soul and social butterfly(s) all arose within the group.

My bottom-line observation:  This outstanding group of teens were a pleasure to instruct, interesting to talk with and fun to surf with. I would welcome the opportunity to share waves and break bread with them again anywhere in the world!10450078_10152593669666473_3944900199895298766_oTim Stone

WB Surf Camp

Costa Rica Field Director