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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.02.2014 | Adult Surf Camps, Kid Summer Camps, Teen Camps, WB Surf Camp News

A Surfer’s Resolution



At the turn of every year, it is always hard to let go of the familiar and welcome the new. But as a surfer, it means a new year to excel and raise the bar.

As many, we have resolutions that we have high hopes of fulfilling in 2014. These include working hard to continually change the lives of children, teens, and adults through the sport of surfing. To paddle harder and never back down. To increase education about coastal ecology and conservation. We are promising ourselves to never let a good wave go by- in and out of the water. Finally, to make every single day count and appreciate the beauty of living in the moment.We are pumped to see what this next year is going to bring us.

We at WB Surf Camp, hope that you have some positive resolutions that you live out, not just for 2014 but for the rest of your life. If you have some great resolutions that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below or post on our Facebook page!

Sending good vibes your way and wishing you a Happy New Year. One that is filled with big dreams and new experiences.