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Posted by Kasey Schollenberger | 09.28.2023 | Kid Summer Camps, Learn To Surf, Surfing Lessons

A Day in the Life of a Guppy Camper!

It’s time for camp! The excitement bubbles up as you go to the Surfberry backyard to start your day. Walking up to camp, you are greeted by one of your counselors, who is so stoked to see you! They will store your lunchbox and ensure you have all your daily gear. After escorting you to the rest of the group, you will play fun and educational games with your newfound friends and counselors while everyone arrives. Once everyone has arrived, we will go over where we will go on today’s adventure. 

Today you will learn about animals that live in the salt marsh! Your camp counselors will talk about the shifting sand of the beaches and how the waves and wind can move an island! You will also learn about marine debris and its effects on the environment and conduct a beach cleanup for trash!

It’s time to cool off by having a super fun boogie board session in the crystal clear waters of Wrightsville Beach! First, we will drink some water, put on more sunscreen, and have a refresher on ocean safety. You, your guppy friends, and counselors will catch the best waves on the East Coast on your boogie boards. Smiles and shakas all around!

After lunch, the Guppies will venture from the ocean to the salt marsh, discovering what species of aquatic animals start their life in the intertidal zone. As a junior marine biologist, you will use cast and seine nets to learn about different animals and plant organisms in the salt marsh environment. We will also uncover some of the critters buried in the sediment as we go crabbing and clamming!

 -Bailey Kaufman, Program Coordinator