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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.26.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp

2013 Adult Costa Rica Week 1 Comes To An Adventurous End

With a new 21 Second swell pumping in from the northwest, our second half of the week was incredible. Even though it was only 2′, the swell that travelled from the far NW Pacific graced the beautiful shores of Costa Rica with solid chest to head high conditions. We surfed the beautiful green waters of Avellanas with sea turtles and almost caught a passing whale during our group shot.

In between surfs we got a tour of our favorite Costa Rican farm, or “finca”. Everyone had a “hand” in milking the cows as is the daily routine here. Most of us had enough after a glass full. We then mounted our trusty steeds…the local ponies and the authentic ox cart. The tour around the land is a nice slower paced experience crossing through streams, identifying giant local tree species and watching the iguanas skit off and up the trees to where the families of small howler monkey announce their presence with a gorilla sized bark down at us.

Our morning zipline canopy tour was a great way to see the countryside as well. Flying across the valleys provided a bird’s eye view of the coast and put us in the treetops amongst the howler monkeys who looked at us somewhat confused as to why we decided to climb back up in the trees. But we had a great time with our local tour guides providing a fun adventure all the way back down to the bottom of the mountain. They even threw in a little surprise at the end. With a ton of new improvement the company taht we work with has been renovating all of the platforms and this day were varnishing the final landing deck. So our guides strapped us in and dropped us in a high speed belay which ended softly on the ground.

B the end of the week everyone has progressed, improved their paddling, style, and wave riding abilities tenfold. A couple of our campers even ventured down to the Avellanas rivermouth with me to slide into a couple gentle giants. Jude and Ron got their waves of the week before experiencing noodle arms from all the paddling. Kim got some great shots and knocked surfing cleanly off her bucket list. Dan and Jake, despite not feeling well towards the end enjoyed every last minute they could in and out of the water and made great strides in their surfing abilities.

Click here to see some of the awesome photos from the week!