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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.14.2011 | Adult Surf Camps

2011 Adult Costa Rica Surf Camp Draws to a Close

Costa Rica is blessed with some of the best and most consistent surf the world has to offer. Couple this with fresh seafood and friendly locals, and you have surfing paradise. Week two of WB Surf Camp’s adult surfing adventure resulted in another amazing experience, with endless groundswell, offshore winds, and perfect weather every day. Once escaping the harsh winter of North America, our bodies warmed up immediately as we set foot on Central American soil. After everyone in our Costa Rica Surf Camp united, it was time to drive south and get settled into our ocean front rooms at our 4 star resort. We celebrated our first night in paradise with a group dinner, discussing plans for the week ahead. Our clocks shifted to “Tico time”, as we let out a sigh of relaxation and enjoyed the sunset over the pacific.

“Pura Vida” is a phrase that you’ll hear everywhere throughout Costa Rica. Pura=pure and vida=life, forming “pure life.” This term hits the nail on the head when describing the overall aura of this beautiful country. The locals of Costa Rica compose the most resourceful culture that I have experienced throughout my travels. Their respect for the environment and emphasis on enjoying life slowly inspire me each time I visit.

We were lucky enough to have high energy and positivity glowing throughout each individual over the week. We spent our first morning training in the controlled environment of our luxury pool. Positioning, paddling techniques, marine biology, and ocean dynamics were our main points of focus, as everyone became comfortable with their equipment. Starting in the pool was extremely helpful, because we could concentrate without the roar of the surf, strong currents, and other surfers around us. After laying the foundation of our surf skills, we fueled up with a monster burrito and prepared for the afternoon session.

Each day the stoke meter rose as skills improved and our group grew closer. We explored multiple surf spots including Playa Avellanas, Tamarindo river mouth, and Playa Langosta.  It’s hard to beat surfing a beach with no crowds, perfect waves, and a natural pristine landscape without the congestion of high-rise buildings and businesses lining the waterfront. Mornings were spent trading off waves until our arms turned to rubber. Once reaching this point, it was time to enjoy a break in the shade of our thatched hut, which was pieced together with palm fronds, logs and fishing line.

Afternoons were spent recharging poolside, getting massages in the lush oceanfront garden, or bartering in town with the local vendors. Each day just before sunset, our group met at happy hour for seminars focusing on wave dynamics, wave prediction, and surfing etiquette. This was a fun part of the day as we learned about surfing and reviewed video analysis from the day of surfing. Slow motion wipe outs, paired with long rides down the face of the wave, made for plenty of laughs as well as great opportunities for coaching. Our seminars were followed by delicious dinners at our favorite local spots.

The food in Costa Rica is another factor that makes this place so special. From fresh mahi, to lobster skewers, we were full and satisfied at the end of each day. After dinner, the exhaustion from the active day starts to set in, and sleep starts calling your name. It’s early to bed in order to wake up and do it all over again!

The days flew by with each fresh sunrise and every magnificent sunset. Towards the end of our adventure we took everyone on an exhilarating canopy zip line tour. We hurled ourselves out on a thin wire attached to giant guanacaste trees, which were occupied by howler monkeys, that spanned entire mountain ridges,. Zip lining is a great way to get the sensation of flying. With the wind at your face, relaxed in your harness you are able soak up breath-taking scenery with each run.

Our final evening was spent at a l0cal festival in a small town just outside of Tamarindo. Here we were able to witness local heroes riding massive bulls (the other local heroes) in the fenced-in arena. The entire town comes out and participates to put on these week long events; jumping in the bull pen, running the games, cooking the food, and dancing around. The smell of authentic local casado and churros filled the air as we played ring toss, danced with the ticos, and took part in the adrenaline filled bull riding spectacle.

Both weeks of our Costa Rica adult surfing adventure were beyond amazing. Our two week surf fest was one of the best, if not the best in WB Surf Camp history. Thank you to everyone who participated!