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Posted by Rick Civelli | 09.01.2008 | WB Surf Camp News

2008 Surf Camp Team Party


 Surf Camp Pic


Each and every person who has participated in a Surf Camp program knows one thing about us…. we like to have a good time! To celebrate what an amazing 2008 season we had -thanks to warm beaches, excellent surf, and of course our amazing clients- everyone who was fortunate enough to work with us this summer was invited to a party hosted by none other than Surf Camp founder, Rick Civelli. We all headed out to Ogden Park, just down the road from our Surf Camp headquarters. While our fearless leader flipped burgers and hotdogs on a monster of a grill, we had the pleasure of enjoying one anothers company. Laughter and chatter reined among the reggae tunes that filled the evening. As the sun began to set, turning the sky to an oblivion of purples and pinks, how could one not feel inspired by such a group! For many of our loyal instructors it would be their last night in a town that many of us locals are lucky enough to call home. Cutting our beautiful Surf Camp cake decorated with ocean blues, palm trees, and hibiscus flowers signaled an end to a fabulous evening.  No one seemed to really want to leave, though, which shows that the summer was full of wonderful memories that would last a lifetime. The silver lining though…. we get to do it all over again next year!!